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About the Firm

Innovative Safety LLC, is one of the most recognized safety consultants in the nation. Learn more about how our firm got started.

Our Founding

Mr. Paine founded Innovative Safety LLC in October of 1996 to continue his hands-on involvement and input in construction safety practices, legislation, and new safety equipment. He built the firm with more than 35 years of experience manufacturing compliant safety and construction equipment. He also owned union Ironworking company. He has dedicated a part of his practice to helping contractors and other industrial clients plan safety into their business, which is why he created two additional divisions. The first was created to assist contractors with developing new standards and legislation, and the second was created to assist construction firms with jobsite accidents.

Our Focus

You can rest assured that our safety consultants provide you with peace of mind, regardless of in which state you are located. Our services are honest. We are always upfront with you, especially if we find that there is no evidence to settle your situation. Consider us not just as your consultants, but as your advisors and friends.

Barbara Paine Joins the Firm

Barbara Paine added her knowledge of politics, public communication and construction to the firm when she came to the company in 1999. A native of Washington, DC, her family has been involved in  the construction industry for many decades. Barbara currently attends Trinity College in Hartford, Ct, where she is completing her bachelor's degree in Public Policy - Law and Society.

An Experienced Team

Our background, experience, and perspective gives Innovative Safety LLC an uncommon strength to do the job. We are OSHA, Cal OSHA, and New York Labor law safety experts, and work from coast to coast. We are members of the American National Standards Institute, American Society of Safety Engineers, and National Safety Council which sets the standards for safety throughout the United States.