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Leave Your Construction Accident To Our Safety Experts

The workplace safety consultants at Innovative Safety LLC, review accidents from a construction safety point of view. Our construction safety experts sift through reports, details, and company safety plans to put together a winning case.

People Outside the Building

Safety Consulting Services

We deal with reconstruction and major construction accidents. Our team also helps attorneys determine if is it feasible to move forward with filing a suit. For example, accidents such as bridge, scaffolding and structure collapses may involve certain details that work for or against you if you file a suit.

Employee Representation

In addition, we provide safety expertise for employees as well as contractors and owners.

We also...

Get one-on-one, detailed, investigative services with our help. Innovative Safety LLC looks through the related reports, depositions, and other materials that we receive. We also inspect the site to see how the accident occurred, if the equipment is faulty, why the accident happened, whether the employee was properly trained, or if the employee is at fault. Depending on these results and our analysis, we suggest what the client should do.

Court Services

If your case goes to court, you can rely on us to serve as your safety expert. Encourage Safety With Property Training & Plans

Innovative Safety LLC, has helped many contractors plan for workplace safety, and develop and implement site-specific safety plans. We also offer construction safety training and inspect for compliance. With our experts on your side, your workplace will be safer than ever before.