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Encourage Safety With Property Training & Plans

Innovative Safety LLC in Unionville, Connecticut, has helped many contractors plan for workplace safety, and develop and implement site-specific plans. We also offer construction safety training and inspect for compliance. With our experts on your side, your workplace will be safer than ever before.

Pre-Phase Planning

We believe that safe worksites don't just happen, they must be pre-planned. Pre-phase planning and the development of a site-specific safety plan using JSA (Job Safety Analysis)  will enable company owners, contractors, or plant management to anticipate hazards and develop an appropriate plan to prevent and eliminate accidents.

Creating Safe Workplaces

Identify likely hazards and make sure each employee is properly trained and equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to successfully prevent accidents from occurring “No plan is a plan for failure” , which is why we help major contractors, industrial plants, and small to medium-sized businesses pre-plan their company safety programs.

Webinars & Seminars

We do webinars and seminars for Companies, attorneys, and insurance companies. Sign up for an educational session today.